MECHANICAL GOD CREATION “Artifact Of Annihilation”

“Artifact Of Annihilation”
When I got my hands on MECHANICAL GOD CREATION’s previous album I had been looking forward to hearing it for a long time. It can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed. That album was death metal in the more melodic school without losing its edge. Now that I get to hear the new album it is with eager anticipation that I take it on. And I gotta say that this is as good as I remember them to be from the previous album. This is death metal with a melodic touch but not too melodic to make it sappy and weak. There is enough attitude to make this a worthwhile time spender. I get a Hypocrisy feel to this album. You know what I mean. You got the attack as well as the song smithery that in combination makes for a very cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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