MEDO “Materia Negra”

“Materia Negra”
Many will take a look at the cover and come to the conclusion that this must be some racist crap because they associate the capes they wear with KKK. Those who do that don’t know their southern European Christian history. To me, by wearing the black capes the band marks their stand against Christianity. Just by looking at the cover you know that this will be another black metal record. What you don’t know is what kind of black metal record it will be. If you make it through the first 2 tracks you find a band obsessed with old school semi-symphonic black metal. There is something to Medo’s black metal that I find appealing. The rawness and the directness. No messing about with big orchestral arrangements or elaborate arpeggios. Just raw and primitive black metal. To some it might seem tedious and repetitive but to me that is the charm of this type of black metal. Medo is another new acquaintance that made my day. Anders Ekdahl

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