Megascavenger – “At the Plateaus of Leng”


Megascavenger – “At the Plateaus of Leng” (Chaos Records)

Once again Rogga Johansson’s Megascavenger lives up to its name! If the debut “Descent Of Yuggoth” didn’t burn a hole right thru you then this follow up certainly will. With none other than Martin van Drunen (ASPHYX), Kam Lee (MASSACRE), Felix Stass (CREMATORY), Dave Rotten (AVULSED), and Dave Ingram (BENEDICTION) guesting on this juggernaut amongst others expect nothing less than premier level old school death metal from the master himself. Monstrous dirty riffs melded with squeaking melodies backed by a colossal rhythm a la Machine Head test the full range of DM vocal styles on offer here from traditional guttural to tortured to hoarse on brutal yet classy songs like ‘And Then The Death Sets In’, ‘Back To The Ancient’ and ‘Night Of The Grand Obscenity’. With such an elite cast there’s little left amiss on this stellar album that has already set the new year on fire!

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