Mekong Delta – “Intersections”

Mekong Delta – “Intersections” (Steamhammer/SPV)

These guys have always been something of an enigma right from the outset of the band (or mebbe I should say project) forming back in ’85, when they chose to keep the identities of their members a secret, not that it mattered given how many personnel have played in it (pretty much the whole German scene? – Ed). Centered around Ralf Hubert, who at the time was a sound engineer for the likes of Warlock, Living Death and Steeler, Mekong Delta’s style was essentially technical thrash but with a strong progressive element that set them apart from other technical bands like Megadeth. With a long and chequered past including a 10 year hiatus when many thought Hubert had died(!), these days they they are playing more along the lines of heavy progressive metal. Songs like ‘Sphere Eclipse’, ‘Prophecy’ and ‘The Healer’ feature clean, high end vocals, heaps of prog melody and fluid guitar work countered by heavy rhythms and especially pounding drums propelled by some fast double bass work. In many ways, Mekong Delta remind me of a heavier or fully metalized version of Rush in their New World days, so this album’s title is indeed an apt one, reflecting a complex mixture of styles and personas, yet somehow all bound by superb all around technicality.

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