MEMORAIN “Evolution”

(Maple Metal)
I’m not that very easily impressed by “supergroups” as most of the time they are more PR- stunts than anything else. And when you haven’t even heard of half of the people involved it just ends up silly. As with Memorain. I know of some people involved (Gene Hoglan) but most of those involved are a blank card to me. This in reality could be a blessing because this way I can listen to the album with a clear mind free of preconceptions. And seeing as I’m not that star struck I couldn’t tell one from the other in the music. This is heavy metal on the harder, edgier side. Maybe a bit borderline thrash. In spirit they remind me of Original Sin but all male. This wasn’t as offbeat as I had imagined it to be. It is actually quite good. I can see myself spinning this disc more than once. Anders Ekdahl

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