Memory Garden – “Doomain”

Memory Garden – “Doomain” (Metal Blade)

Although not the most active band around, these Swedish doomsters play a heady mix of Candlemass and given their name, Trouble, making their releases well worth the wait! Stefan Berglund continues to give Messiah Marcolin a run for his cheeseburgers, adeptly supported in the crunching doom riff dept by Ante Mäkelä and Simon Johansson while tastefully mixing in some trippy melodies and ambient passages. As a result, songs like ‘Violate & Create’, ‘A Diabolical Mind’ and ‘Latent Lunacy’ have a less predictable plod pace and instead are more progressive while still retaining the powerful epic feel which Candlemass perfected to magnificence. I guess if the band could get around their family and work commitments Memory Garden would be a lot bigger, until then we can only contend ourselves with splendid somberness that is “Doomain”.

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