MENA BRINNO “Princess Of The Night”

”Princess Of The Night”
An opera singer that does metal is no longer a novelty. With the success of Nightwish we’ve seen an explosion of bands that have a soprano singer in their line-up but not too many have a classical trained singer in their line-up. I like the combination of a classical trained soprano and metal. There are more common grounds that you might think between the two. MENA BRINNO are symphonic metal in all of its meanings. You get the almost bigger than life arrangements mixed with a metal sensibility making this a really strong album. There’s no overkill on the operatic vocals, no hysterical attempts at being OTT. This turned out so much more metal than I thought it would. Even if you have a hard time for acts like Nightwish with Tarja you’ll find this one much more up your metal alley. So stop thinking and just act on this one. Anders Ekdahl

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