MERCILESS TERROR “Vile Extinction”

”Vile Extinction”
(Devil’s Clause Records)
Isn’t all terror merciless? Is there any merciful terror? Yeah, I know. I’m over thinking this band’s name. After all it is just metal and not some philosophical debate. And with a name like MERCILESS TERROR you can pretty much taste the thrash just by saying the name. What struck me the first time I heard this was that the Bolt Thrower on speed feel I got. This is death metal with a strong thrash vibe. Or is it the other way around? No matter how you twist and turn this album it still stands as one hell of a sonic assault. The sheer force of MERCILESS TERROR makes your hair on your arms stand straight up. Listening to this is like getting the way of a huge bulldozer. It will show you no mercy. Anders Ekdahl

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