MERCYLESS “Pathetic Divinity”

“Pathetic Divinity”

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MERCYLESS is together with Loudblast and Massacra classic French death metal. This is only their 6th album in 20 plus years but those of us that have been around a while remember them from back in the days and the albums that they released. When they first appeared on the scene it bugged me that they were called the same as a classic Swedish band but that doesn’t seem to have caused any major problems. MERCYLESS of today sounds just the way I remember them from back in the days. This is death metal with a very “French” twist. And since I have a special place in my metal heart for French metal bands this one fits perfectly. Don’t go expecting a Cannibal Corpse blast or a At The Gates trickery. This is just plain simple MERCYLESS death metal. They go their own way with a slight Morbid Angel touch to it. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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