MESMERIZE “Paintropy”

I’ve been receiving e-mail updates from this band for some time now and finally I get to hear their album. This Italian band is one of few acts that I actually am familiar with before I get sent an album. Not that I have any greater knowledge of what they sound like. In the 80s I was huge fan of an Italian thrash band called Schitzo. This is nowhere close to that band in sound or style yet the first band I came to think of when I saw this albums art work was just Schitzo. This is melodic metal. I don’t know if to label it thrash or not but there are that kind of vibe in the music. I can’t think of any bands to compare them to right now. I’m busy listening to the melodies and guitar solos on this album. And even if I can’t place this in any specific genre I still find great enjoyment in listening to this album. Anders Ekdahl

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