MESSENGER “Starwolf”

I don’t really care for trends. I believe that great music is great music no matter when it is played. Heavy metal played to the bone will always be great. Death metal played with conviction will always blow my socks off. Black metal played to the most evil will always seem the most dangerous music in the world. MESSENGER head off in a furious tempo making me think Helloween circa “Walls Of Jericho” tempo. As I love(d) when metal is played at lightning speed I can’t resist this album’s opening track. If the rest of the album is like this I have found myself a new fave band. I like it when a band gets my blood pumping and I get all sweaty just from listening to the music. This album kinda reminds me of Accept’s eponymous album “Restless And Wild” in a power metal costume. This is heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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