METAL SCENT “Homemade”

Out of the blue I got sent this by some promo agency in Israel. As I know nothing about Metal Scent but like to explore the universe of metal it was with open arms that I took this one on. As the band name says this is metal in the more traditional way. As somebody who grew up on Saxon and Iron Maiden trad metal have a special place in my heart. So whenever an album full of all that is great with heavy metal (melodies, guitar solos etc.) lands on my desk I approach it with the greatest of anticipation. Metal Scent proved to be a nice surprise. This is metal in the same vein as Jag Panzer, Benedictum, Portrait etc. Metal that has more in common with the 80s greats than the 90s watered down version of trad metal. This surprised me more than I expected. An album that I’ll spin in my car driving to work. It gets me in a positive mood. Anders Ekdahl

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