Metall – “Metal Fire”

Metall – “Metal Fire” (Pure Steel Records)

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As heavy as Stalin’s boot! Formed back in 1982, Metall became something of a name, recording tracks that ended up on top of radio broadcast hit lists like Beatkiste and Hard ’n’ Heavy DT 64 – no mean feat considering this was then (Communist) East Germany i.e. behind the iron curtain! But despite recording more songs for a split LP “Speed Up” on Label Z, the band split in 1991. However, in 2013 original co-founder bassist Sven Rappoldt (also well known as the owner of the legendary Halford Metal Bar in Berlin) reformed the band, resulting in their 2017 debut “Metal Heads”, and following that gigged including supporting Bullet as well as playing Taunus Metal Fest and Rude Open Air. Playing authentic heavy power metal from the 80s, Metall are as heavy as their name suggests, employing the twin guitars of Christian Beyer and Ben to deliver the power along with wailing siren solos, completed by an absolutely molten rhythm of pounding drums and deep bass. Offsetting that are the wonderfully soulful vocals of Joel Stieve Dawe (along with his screams n growls) and enough hooks and melodies to keep the music steaming as it is smouldering. This is how classic heavy metal used to sound and “Metal Fire” has it written all over the 9 excellent tracks here, including ‘Easy Rider’ from the band’s 80s demo now both presented in english and german versions! Like an anvil being smelted, prepare for the monster chugging riffs as they rock and sway on ‘Master Key’, getting dirty as Dawe just manages to sing and growl amid the squealing axes and megaton pounding drums before the swanky rock n roll solos knock you lights out – wow. Hammering in on ‘Hold The Line’ tank engines are truly roaring as this track just steams off with plenty of cymbal work from drummer Marco Thäle as Dawe hits the screaming highs while also impressing with his deathly growls as the guitars scythe and turn slickly to keep your interest before offering a contrast of blistering and melodic solo work – awesome. If ya like the chop, then ‘Beneath My Mind’ certainly does this, while also delivering some clanging metallic melodies as Dawe’s soul contrasts the background witch screams n whispers as the groove becomes almost thrash like as the solos go into an all out trip to possess and neck break – excellent. It’s great to have Metall back and really putting it in like this – make no mistake, this is real men’s metal from Deutschland!

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