MHORGL “Heresiarch”

(Sovereign Records)
Australian black metal is a new experience for me. So far I’ve come upon has been thrash related, doomier than hell, some sort of crossover or plain heavy metal. Mhorgl (pronounced morgul) is a four piece band that makes me think back to Emperor’s “Anthem To The Welkin At Dusk” album for some reason. Not that it is totally out of context. This has that same chaotic feel to as that classic Emperor album. As much as I love “Anthem…” I like this album. There is something compelling to the chaos that Mhorgl creates that fires all my cylinders at once. Listen carefully and you’ll notice that there is more to “Heresiarch” than just Emperor-black metal. You’ll find different nuances of metal. That makes for a varied listening and an enjoyable ride. Anders Ekdahl

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