MICHAEL KRATZ « Live Your Life«

« Live Your Life«
(Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not at all familiar with Danish artist MICHAEL KRATZ but he seems to be huge in Denmark. And from this album I can tell why. I am no stranger to AOR/Westcoast rock but I don’t get to hear it too often, which is a shame. AOR is often accused of being weakened for radio play but listening to this album I can’t hear anything weak with it. This is so full of attitude yet so sweet on the ears that I have just fallen in love with it. This is road trip music. Sure, it is nice to blast Slayer at full volume when you drive but after a while you get tired and you want to listen to something that flows like cotton in the wind. This is the album for that. But it does also work in other environments. Anders Ekdahl

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