MICHAEL ROMEO “War Of The Worlds – Part 1”

”War Of The Worlds – PT1”
(Music Theories Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that I am familiar with MICHAEL ROMEO’s past work would be a big lie. I am not familiar at all with his work. I don’t think I have heard a single Symphony X track, and if I have I cannot name it. So it is with fresh ears that I take this one on. But I gotta say that if this album is anything to go by I have missed out on a cool artist. I might have to back track and check out all the things ROMEO has been featured on. Because this is some really cool power metal with a slight symphonic touch. This is exactly the way I want my power metal. Powerful and melodic. The kind you can punch the air with your fist to. I am positively surprised by this one. I wish I got sent more power metal albums like this because when it is done like this there are very few things that can beat the feel of power metal. Anders Ekdahl

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