MIDNIGHT “Complete and Total Hell”

MIDNIGHT “Complete and Total Hell” CD/Double LP (Hells Headbangers)

Fuck yeah! This is the kinda “black” heavy metal I can get into. It’s as if Motorhead impregnated Venom and they had a punk rock baby. Fusing all the best elements of filthy satanic metal with the energy of hardcore and you get a highly charged and  energetic album with a bright open sound, not  “dark” and muddled.  I can envision gigs with punks and metallers both enjoying this band a great deal.  Complete & Total Hell compiles all of Midnight’s 21 tracks of  material off EPs and split albums from before the release of the excellent Satanic Royalty album. This CD is also available in a double LP gatefold on silver (and black) vinyl for the collectors. The label is even putting out a fucking cassette tape edition – you bastards!

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