The Midnight Ghost Train – “Cold Was The Ground”


The Midnight Ghost Train – “Cold Was The Ground” (Napalm Record)

Inspired by the death of a close personal friend, founder guitarist Steve Moss is a man with a mission: to bring The Midnight Ghost Train to the world and beyond. Like an onstage catharsis, live is where this Kansas power trio have built their fearsome reputation through relentless touring and their intense shows, earning them a legion of loyal fans if little money to show for it. However, with this 3rd album now signed to Napalm, things might be looking on the up for this workaholic, if a tad too honest for their own good band whose love of their dedicated fans is reflected in the sweaty grime under their finger nails. Playing shit heavy stoner hillbilly rock, Moss is sure to shock when he says that his original inspirations were gospel and the dark, delta blues of Muddy Waters, although it becomes evident in the soul and passion of his obsessive playing even if his gruff, mountain man vocals and his fuzzed, heavy down tuned guitar aside from those devilish Southern licks don’t make it immediately obvious. Adding to the backwoods wall of noise comes new boy Mike Boyne’s dirty, booming bass, equally shit heavy and naturally also awash in pig shit that jams up front with Moss unreservedly through possessed bass runs and relentless strumming making songs like ‘Along The Chasm’, ‘Gladstone’ and ‘BC Trucker’ ear smashing jaw droppers. As for Brandon Burghart’s drums – needless to say he just pummels away like a freight train all night long! Still, aside from their obvious power, The Midnight Ghost Train are extremely tight as an outfit, undoubtedly honed through all that touring and likewise, their material lends to the live groove, being both catchy and designed to get the room heaving thanks to the no frills live production sound. “Cold Was The Ground” maybe what is says on the tin, but sweaty ‘n’ all fired up is what you’ll be after listening to this spiritual energizer.

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