Milestone – “Medicate The Night”

Milestone – “Medicate The Night” EP (

This Welsh outfit are clearly setting their sights for the very top, from their quality musicianship to the production on this EP and most of all, their powerful yet catchy songs. College grads, I guess these guys must’ve learned a thing or two after all in creating their brand of heavy guitar driven alt rock that mixes Queens Of The Stone Age with Foo Fighters and a little Bob Dylan chucked in for good measure! Jack Howells soulful vocals brilliantly contrasts with the raw guitar of Kris Archer – and then they really crank up the juice when the smashing rhythms of aptly named bassist Adam Pain and drummer Lewis Pilling come crashing in on songs like ‘Dirty Knees’ and ‘Shoot Me Down’. Definitely showing some serious potential, Milestone have a belief, and on this medication, you will too.

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