Battle Helm Rating

Every once in a while along comes an album that wants to defy compartmentalization. But as with most albums in the end there is a compartment for it to be put in. MIND ENEMIES’ “Revenge” is metal that is borderline heavy and power. At least that is where I’ll put it in my collection. I am not familiar with percussionist, guitarist, singer Giuseppe Caruso but judging by the result of this album it is one talented guy. There is a charm to this that is hard to resist. As I listen to this I realize that I unintentionally think back to the 80s and 90s power metal bands. And that is not something I’ve thought about in a long time. But this is much more than just another power metal album. It is almost like a walk through the history of metal. You can hear traces of different eras of metal in the music. All woven together in a very skillful way. This was a nice acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl

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