Ministry – “From Beer To Eternity”

Ministry – “From Beer To Eternity” (AFM Records)

The final stand. With a typically decadent cover harking back to biblical times when Al Jourgensen’s ancestors were slavers (in his case the slaves were willing lol) we come to what appears to be Ministry’s last album. Gone is friend and anchorman Mike Scaccia but the songs he wrote and recorded with Al laid the foundations for “From Beer To Eternity” – and it’s Ministry a go go all the way. Furious chopping industrial metal riffs, bucking bronco soloing, heaps of socio political diatribe sampling against good ol’ Georgie Bush, and even some dub chucked in for good measure! It’s all there from the anarcho punk of ‘Side EFX Include Mikey’s Middle Finger/TV4’ to the apocalyptic ‘Perfect Storm’ along with the prophetic lyrics ‘..we are in uncharted territory..’. But the true nature of Ministry is probably best summed up by the amazingly diverse ‘Change Of Luck’ which starts off in ambient dub step with an almost Middle Eastern beat before Scaccia’s guitar – which indeed seems omnipresent throughout this album – comes crashing in along with some deep dark vocal drawls before an 80s pop chorus adds in harmonies! Few bands could pull this off but only Ministry could make it sound this great. From the streets of Chi-town to the cowboy boot capital of El Paso, Al Jourgensen will be sorely missed – I just hope he takes his royalties and buys a place next to Bush to carry on the war!

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