Ministry – “Last Tangle In Paris – Live 2012 Defibrilatour”


Ministry – “Last Tangle In Paris – Live 2012 Defibrilatour” 2CD/DVD/Blu-ray (UDR Records)

If you missed the legend that was Ministry, then here’s one last round to kick it off with Al Jourgensen & the boys – big time! A monster (and certainly befitting the unholy beast of Ministry) package with 21 tracks to remember the man by, this is Ministry’s last will and testament in the form of their final live shows, recorded on their world 2012 DeFiBRilLaTouR. It’s also a fitting tribute to the talent of the late Mike Scaccia, guitarist and personal friend of Al Jourgensen, whose passing signaled the beginning of the emotional end to the band. At times a band that was as unstable as their industrial electro rap rock metal, Ministry got their act together in the end, playing out some of the most extreme, ground breaking and certainly politically charged music that the music scene will ever hear (and some will glad to be rid – Ed) of. “Last Tangle In Paris” captures the essence of that, being of excellent quality and an official recording, rather than some dug out bootleg issued as a cash in – the special bonus digipak version includes a Ministry tour retrospective double audio album with live performances dating back to 2006! The DVD of course includes rare backstage footage and one-on-one interviews and the whole package is available in a dazzling array of formats from 2CD & DVD digipak, BluRay & 2 CD Amaray, 2 x Vinyl Gatefold 160 gram as well as digital audio / video and as a simple CD package. I’m sure it’s far beyond what Al Jourgensen envisaged when his twisted mind first unfolded the nightmare known as Ministry, but as you listen to the brilliant decadence of ‘New World Order’, ‘Psalm 69’ and ‘Khyber Pass’ you will bow in reverence, content in your unrepentance that you appreciated a rare time capsule in music history that will never be repeated.

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