Ministry – “Live At Wacken 2012”

Ministry – “Live At Wacken 2012” DVD / 2CD (UDR / Wacken Records / 13th Planet Records)

Wow – if there ever was an act that could end a day for 75,000 screaming fans then Ministry be thy name! Still (con)fronted all these years by Al(ien) Jourgensen who remains a raging maniac even after his hate figure George Bush has long gone, this bumper 2CD / DVD captures a full on shock rock audio visual experience that only Minstry can unleash: heaps of video delivered across 3 massive screens, blinding lights, relentless samples and most of all, the ultra industrial noise of the band themselves as they stamp out ’99 Percenters’, ‘Rio Grande Blood’ and ‘New World Order’. The Wacken crew have done a superb job both in terms of the camera work shot from a multitude of angles and most of all, a crystal clear sound that puts to shame some studio albums! Tragically, guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away in Dec 2012 but this album is a fitting dedication to him, containing plenty of high quality footage and material that sees him going out on a high note. Incidentally, this also be the case for Al himself who has recently announced Ministry’s intention to close following “From Beer To Eternity”, also penned with Mikey and to be issued late summer this year. Not ones to hold back, the bonus material contains nothing less than the band’s 2006 Wacken show – 14 tracks in total including ‘The Great Satan’ and ‘Khyber Pass’ – and while less of a visual spectacular, it’s certainly not lacking in intensity and if anything, more down n dirty! Even if Ministry never go out on the road again, this must be the perfect way to remember these outrageous freaks by so enjoy the quiet….!

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