MIRRORS “Fools Paradise”

“Fools Paradise”

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I am not that vain that I always look in the mirror making sure that everything is okay but I have to admit that it is a very necessary invention. Why this Aussie lot has decided to name themselves MIRROS is beyond me. Perhaps by listening to their music I will get a better grip. Whenever I hear a band like this it brings me back to a day and time when tags like thrashcore, deathcore and metalcore meant a whole different thing. There is a djent element to MIRRORS metal but most of the times it makes me think that this could be the modern equivalent to thrashcore. This has the aggro attitude of hardcore with the mosh sensibility of thrash metal. Only a six tracker but that seems like enough after a session. This is more than a mouthful. I definitely silenced my doubts. Anders Ekdahl

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