Mirzadeh – “Desired Mythic Pride”


Mirzadeh – “Desired Mythic Pride” (Inverse Records)

Despite having a name more commonly associated with Iran, Mirzadeh actually hail from Finland where they formed over 10 years ago, releasing two prior full length albums before “Desired Mythic Pride”. Mixing melodic black metal with modern goth and a look resembling The Kovenant their sound isn’t far off with heaps of electronic melodies driven primarily by keyboards with lots of atmosphere behind them and powerful neo gothic guitars that ooze class and even more melodies. Mirzadeh brilliantly contrast with the rasping vocals and occasional screeches of Mirox as well as blast beat forays on suave songs like ‘Ukon Vakka’, ‘Demented Visions Of Madness’ and ‘Rise with Norther Witchcraft’. This is definitely for those who like their music up market and the high quality production reflects that, whilst the lyrics are equally deep, harking back to mythological times and drawing upon ancient landmarks like the victims’ meteorite stone on the shores of Lake Lappajärvi, where Finns back then sacrificed the children of Laplanders in the holy month of Pyhävuori! These beliefs and fears give a dark twist to Mirzadeh’s lyrical art as much as to their powerfully sophisticated and stylish music which is highly recommended.

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