MISERATION “Tragedy has Spoken”

“Tragedy Has Spoken”
I’m not sure but I think that I have one album by Miseration in my collection. Don’t remember what I thought of it but I guess my feelings were luke warm. This new album wasn’t exactly what I expected. I had my mind set on some sort of melodeath/Gothenburg death metal but this is way too chaotic to even get close to that sound. This is death metal but there is nothing laidback or controlled about this. This is full on chaos that makes even the most diehard death freak feel like he’s caught in a maelstrom. This is the soundtrack to the end of the world, this could very well be Armageddon put to music. Not what I expected from this band. Nevertheless I like it, once I got my head around it. There is a charm to the chaos they create. Anders Ekdahl

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