MISGUIDED AGGRESSION “Flood The Common Ground”

“Flood The Common Ground”
(Year Of The Sun Records)
With a name like Misguided Aggression you kind of get a mental picture of what to expect musically. I kinda expected the most extreme thrash metal assault ever. That wasn’t what I got. I honestly don’t know what to make of this album. To my ears this is some kind of amalgamation of metal and hardcore that doesn’t sit quite right with me. It is heavy, that can’t be denied but I lack a greater degree of variation. The heaviness takes over too much of the impression making the music stand back and almost apologise for existing. With more of a groove this would have been so much better and most of all; it would have rocked in a never ending way. As it is now it almost feels like a relief that it ends. And that’s not a positive thing to think about an album. You want it to never end. Maybe this is one of those slow creepers that take a dozen of spins to settle? Anders Ekdahl

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