MISS ELIANA “Love Affairs”

”Love Affairs”
OK, I’m no guitar wiz of any kind. I can barely tell one chord from the other but I still like to listen to those that do know what they are doing. Having grown up on guitar solos the whole grunge anti-guitar solo thing was very much a pain in the butt. Then came the whole Norwegian black metal thing and again no really cool guitar solos, if any. So whenever I get to hear a guitar solo I’m a happy dude. This makes me think of a mix between Electric Boys, Sass Jordan and Sheryl Crow. A mix that sounds alright to my ears. You got the funky vibe mixed with the bluesy, deep voice and the melodies. There was a time when I was obsessed with the blues and took all the albums I could get my hands on. I still like this kind of blues rock that MISS ELIANA plays. That is why I like stuff like Black Crows and the likes. This was a really nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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