MIST OF MISERY “Shackles Of Life”

“Shackles Of Life”
(Black Lion Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have a fondness for the atmospheric/symphonic side of black metal. If I could I would collect every single release of that sort. But since that is an impossible task I’ll just settle for whatever comes my way. Like this mini album from Sweden’s MIST OF MISERY. Another band that I have missed out on but not anymore. This is epic in sound. Perhaps not as grand as I might have thought but that doesn’t matter. At first it might have seemed a bit chaotic but the more I listened to it the more I got into it. The mix between the somber and the chaotic is what appeals to me with this. The constant contrast between the beautiful and the harsh. It doesn’t make for easy listening but not everything has to be pre-chewed and easily digested. Anders Ekdahl

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