MISTEYES “Creeping Time”

“Creeping Time”
(Maple Metal)

Battle Helm Rating

I did an interview with this band a while back but it is first now that I’ve had the chance to review the album. Judging by the pictures and the bio this Italian band should be pretty theatrical in their approach to music. And they are very theatrical in their music. This is symphonic in a whole different way than what is usually meant by that definition. I would go as far as call it operatic because there is that drama feel to this, that you are being told a story through music. And it doesn’t matter if you know the story or not, you are being dragged into the narrative no matter what. So enticing is this band’s music that you can’t stop listening until it ends. I don’t even know how to describe it musically because there is so much going on but if you like your metal dramatic look no further than this album. Anders Ekdahl

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