Battle Helm Rating

I have no idea what the band name means or how to properly pronounce it, but this five-piece form Basel, Switzerland have joined forces to produce some really cool death metal (their words). The result is this EP. So is it any good? I think so. If you like your death metal heavy and slow like Bolt Thrower but a bit more aggressive and less groovy this is for you. I know that it is for me because I sit here and just enjoy it. I had to stop writing this review and just take in the sound. There is something very brute about death metal that is slow and heavy. It just adds to the feel of brutality. Not that a hyper speeded death metal band can’t be brutal. But there is something to a slow and heavy death metal band. This EP really impressed me. It kind reminds me of a heavier Amon Amarth. Anders Ekdahl

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