MOGH “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda”

“Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am a die hard atheist. I have been so since childhood, even though I might not have known of it back then. To me it doesn’t matter what religion you are. It is all the same to me. But that also means that I don’t have any issue with people that are anti-Christian or in the case of MOGH anti Islam. Like MOGH. If western black metal bands can be anti-Christian then middle eastern black metal bands can be anti Islam. Just because you were born in a certain place doesn’t mean that you gotta accept the ruling religion. Enough about that and onwards to the music. If I have understood this right “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda” is a demo that has been released on CD. As this is my first ever encounter with MOGH I have no idea how representative this one is for their sound. But judging from this stuff their black metal is primitive and with an almost mass like feeling. Like a summoning of ancient spirits. The more I listen to this, the more I start to like it. This is raw as fuck black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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