MOGHUL “Dead Empires”

“Dead Empires”
Birmingham. Does that say anything to you? Black Sabbath then? Home of metal? Nah, any which way you look at it any new bands from Birmingham will be compare to its history of producing some of the most influential bands of all times. MOGHUL operate in the sludge/doom/stoner/heavy rock end of the spectra. A spectra that Black Sabbath single handed are the source of inspiration for. I find it hard to review 7inches just because they usually just contain two tracks but when one is 9 minutes long and the other 13 it is a bit easier. You get a Black Sabbath vide the same why you got it on Cathedral’s debut album but as with that alb um this is much heavier, in a Sleep kinda way. This is for those of us who like our doom metal on the heavier side of things and don’t mind that British sludge angle. Anders Ekdahl

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