MOKSHA ”Supersilver Haze”

”Supersilver Haze”
(Godbox Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one record that has gotten me confused. I cannot find any info on it either on the labels site or any other place but this much I know: this was originally released in 2004. I have no idea if this is a rerelease and if so, what the reason is for it. It feels a bit strange to sit here and review an album from 2004 when I haven’t heard a single not from either earlier or later releases by MOKSHA. Musically this is some form of death’n’roll. When that tag first appeared in the 90s I totally disliked it. Sure, Entombed was the first really to be labelled it but to my ears they had slipped after “Wolverine Blues”. When I listen to this I am reminded of that era Entombed. And to my surprise I find myself liking this. Now I need to cheek out the latter releases too. Anders Ekdahl

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