Molis Sepulcrum – “Left For The Worms”

Molis Sepulcrum – “Left For The Worms” (Pulverised Records)
Battle Helm Rating
Prepare for HM-2 mayhem from Hungary – featuring members from Gravecrusher and Mörbid Carnage, this trio savage all on the six dirty ‘n’ distorted tracks making up this ripping debut gamely resurrecting the classic Swe-deth sounds of Dismember, Grave and Entombed! With names like Disemboweler (bass / vox), Alkoholizer (guitar) and Winehammer (drums), there’s little left to the imagination of what they deliver as vividly depicted in the cover art by Thai illustrator Sickness666 (Abigail, Impiety, Diephago, etc). Opening with ‘The Prey’, Alkoholizer’s distorted filth oozes out like puss before Disemboweler’s bass grunts in and Winehammer’s drums pound and as the cement mixer of death starts to speed up, you are captivated through the insanity of guttural vocals, tortured tremolo wailing and ensuing demented beat. If you love death ‘n’ roll, then check out the monster groove on ‘The First Insection’ cos it’s a pure headbanger and as the diddly dee mayhem speeds in alongside the hollow roars, there’s also plenty of nihilism in the choice riffs as Winehammer goes for overload in his demolition – superb! Tastefully mixing into the HM-2 some traditional death metal à la Cannibal Corpse on ‘Ready For Dissection’, the stampeding brutality of bestial roars, whirring riffola, galloping double bass pedals and heavy ass bass chops and crashes like the perfect storm in attesting, along with all the other excellent tracks, why the album title is apt, for indeed that is what you will be reduced to.
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