MONADS “Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem”

“Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem”
(Ordo MCM)
I’m not too familiar with funeral doom even though I have heard band’s in that category like Esoteric, Unholy (Finland) and Runemagick before. Super slow doom metal on the harsher side takes its man/woman to sit through. This is not the kind of music that you rush through or do the dishes to. You gotta sit down and really take it in to actually get the nuances. If you let it rush you by it will just seem like a blur. This is not metal for those of you with any kind of letter disease. You’ll go crazy trying to listen to this. For the rest of us with a little longer patience this brings with it a challenge to sit through it and come out awake at the other end. The tempo, if there is such a thing to speak of, makes a turtle seem like a speed demon. But as the tale goes; it is better to finish than to burn out. And finish Monads do and in splendor. Anders Ekdahl

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