(Aesthetic Death Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in 2012 I reviewed what was MONADS demo released on CD. Much water has passed since then and now in 2018 I sit here with a new MONADS recording. I gotta say it is nice to finally sit here with something new. The best way to describe the sound is to call it atmospheric funeral doom. Because amidst the slow and doomy metal that is the sound of MONADS there is a small line of light. It is not all despair and darkness. Some beauty is allowed to prosper. And it is this small glimpse of hope that sets this apart from a total death and despair party. This is beautiful in all its funeral doom. If you like me is a huge fan of early My Dying Bride, or My Dying Bride period you too will like this as much as I do. A really, really cool record. Anders Ekdahl

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