MONKEY DIET “Inner Gobi”

“Inner Gobi”

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Of all the strange band names in the world this has to be one of the oddest I’ve come upon lately. It doesn’t say anything about anything; MONKEY DIET? What the hell is that? Well, I suppose I am not meant to understand everything and as long as I get the music I have no problem with odd band names. And since I have declared my love for Italian band on more than one occasion I have to stand by it this time too. The problem I have with instrumental music is that I am missing the vocalist and that make it a bit uncompleted to my ears. But back in the days (and we talk waaaayyy back in the days) instrumental music was the popular thing to enjoy so why should I be any worse than those people. One thing I noticed is that instrumental music is really good brainercise. It helps all the synapses to connect their dots. I have no idea how to describe this other than proggy, jazzy, off the wall. MONKEY DIET makes so much more sense now that I have had a chance to listen to the music too. This appeals to my proggier side. And while I do enjoy it, it will not spin as often as Iron Maiden. Anders Ekdahl

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