Mono Inc. – “Nimmermehr”

Mono Inc. – “Nimmermehr” (NoCut)

This German electro goth band made a big hit last year in their country with “After The War” rising to number 6 in the album charts! Thankfully, and bravely, Mono Inc.have gone for a harder and darker feel to this album. There’s still The Sisters Of Mercy meets Depeche Mode mix, but overall everything is a lot harder from Katha Mia’s drumming to Martin Engler’s deeper baritone vocals. Likewise, the keyboards also sound a lot darker although overall the band’s sound remains as alt rock with plenty of passionate melodies, dance grooves and catchy poppy choruses judging by songs like ‘My Deal With God’ and ‘Heile, Heile Segen’. Still, they show a more heartfelt side to themselves on the ballad ‘A Better Way To Die’ where Engler comes into his own taking an almost gruff Shane McGowan style amidst the flowing violins. Also noted for his culinary skills offstage, Engler is an associate of noted German musician and actor Joachim Witt, who also collaborated on the inspirational track ‘Kein Weg Zu Weit’, particularly poignant given Engler’s breakdown and hospitalization during this album’s production. It also clearly shows that rather than rest on their new found success, Mono Inc. continue to break new ground, ever conscious to maximize their potential and opportunities that may not be around tomorrow.

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