Mono Inc. – “The Clock Ticks On 2004-2014”


Mono Inc. – “The Clock Ticks On 2004-2014” 2CD (NoCut / SPV)

Fans of modern goth rock look no further! Gearing up for their massive European tour comes this double CD 32 track compilation featuring the best from this Hamburg band, as chosen by the fans and band alike. Formed in 2003 by singer, pianist and composer Martin Engler, Mono Inc. takes in the full range of goth from melancholic pieces like ‘In My Heart’ to the upbeat goth of ‘Gothic Queen’ as well as electronic rock whether light on ‘Voices Of Doom’ or heavy like White Zombie on ‘Temple Of The Torn’. From his trademark baritone vocals supplemented by Katha Mia’s soprano tones their full measure can be felt on the heartbreaking ‘My Deal With God’ and truth be told there is passion a plenty and beauty – yes beauty – resonating through the amazing songs on this wondrous compilation that evoke memories of Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy and even The Smiths. With previously unreleased re-recordings of ‘The Hole’ and ‘Superman’ taken from the band’s very first album “Head Under Water” at the personal choice of Engler and guitarist Carl Fornia, CD2 is an independent acoustic album with 16 songs handpicked by the band, who having played them over the years while on tour or in practice felt that their sound was different and uniquely worthy to warrant them being recorded in acoustic. Probably one of the best compilations I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in many year, I cannot recommend this highly enough for fans both old and new or anyone with a penchant for goth rock – that 1,000 limited edition fan box must have gone already!

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