MONSTER TRUCK ”True Rockers”

”True Rockers”
(Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group)

Battle Helm Rating

I have no idea who much this band know of Sweden’s Mustasch but that was the first thing that hit me when this new album from MONSTER TRUCK started to play. Both bands operate inside that same box of cool groovy hardrock that is filed with melodies to die for. This is my first real encounter with this Canadian band and I have to say that this is one band that I wish I had checked out before. There is something very vibrant about this that I like. It gets my heart pumping. This is so full of life that it spills over on you. This is in a way larger than life hardrock. They must be a riot to see live because I get sweaty just listening to this. This one will bring even the dullest of the dull to life. Hell, it will even wake the dead. So full of life is it. Anders Ekdahl

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