“Album Of Man”
Apparently I liked MONSTERWORKS EP that was released a while back. And I do remember it. But that was then and this is now. So here I sit with a full length album from this British band that in some ways are the future of metal, or so I’m told. I get a Godflesh feeling when listen to this although they are nowhere near in sound. But there is that claustrophobic-industrial-nation-on-a-downfall feel to the music. The one that British acts do so well. You can see before you Welsh coal cities crumble and fall as they are being emptied of people. Depopulation put to music. And as a huge fan of Britain as a whole and their music in particular I find great pleasure in listening to this. Because in all the doom’n’gloom there is a string of hope fighting its way to the surface. It isn’t always as bad as it looks. You can fight your way back to the top again. Anders Ekdahl

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