MONSTERWORKS “Scale And Probability”

“Scale And Probability”

Battle Helm Rating

MONSTERWORKS and I have a relation. I wouldn’t say it is the most stable of relations becaue we haven’t been in touch since 2013. To say that I remember what they sounded like back then is to tell a lie. But apparently I liked what I heard back then. I know for a fact that this band has been praised by others. And to some extent I can understand that. As I don’t remember what they sounded like I cannot tell if this is more of the same or something completely different. What I can tell is that this is heavy, slow and have an almost post/modern/sludge/doom metal feel to it. I didn’t think I would like this after the first track but as this continued so did my liking of it grow. I might even go back and check out the other two releases I’ve reviewed again. Anders Ekdahl

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