Battle Helm Rating

This French/Swiss band was kind enough to send me their CD-EP. I love it when bands/labels actually send me physical stuff and not just download links. I like the feeling of actually being able to feel and grab a physical product. To examine it intensely. That to me is a major part of the whole experience. To be able to grab the cover when I listen to the music is worth so much more to me than the sexless presence of a digital file on my computer. Musically this is NU metal. I know that I in the past have been way too critical of the whole NU metal thing but I actually like this. Okay that there is sort of rap in it and that it has lots of clean vocals but the groove it got going appeals to me. And that is what is important in the end. If it moves my guts it gets thumbs up from me. This gets thumbs up from me. Anders Ekdahl

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