Monuments – “Gnosis”

Monuments – “Gnosis” (Century Media)

Like nothing on this Planet. Well, I wouldn’t go quite that far to describe this Djent / Modern Prog metal band, but they certainly play some of the heaviest shit I’ve heard from this style lol! Punchy, stop-start Meshuggah riffs wrenched out’ve specially designed eight string guitars, heaps of slapping bass and a drummer who’s so precise it’s hard to tell whether he’s using his hands or feet on those double bass pedals – heavy, heavy, heavy! I believe Monuments used to employ two vocalists with raw / smooth contrasting styles but they’ve now been replaced by a single vocalist in Matt Rose, but who seems more that able to mix it on songs like ‘Doxa’, ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ and ‘Regenerate’ having sung with UK drum ‘n’ bass act The Qemists while growing up on a diet of Pantera! As such Monuments have added another dimension to their superior sound allowing them to move effortlessly from aggressive to ambient while remaining spiritually intense all the time – impressive, most impressive!!

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