MONUMENTUM DAMNATI “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King”

“In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

When I looked this up on Metal Archives to see where they come from all it said was international. So I have no clue where this band originates from. And even though it would have been nice to have an origin it doesn’t matter that much really as it is the music that should do all the talking. I get a symphonic death metal vibe from this more than a black metal vibe. The first real song is heavy and relatively slow. I couldn’t help thinking of the Mexican band Argentum when I listen to this. but I also get a Norwegian vibe from it. This one really fell to my liking. If you like your death metal doomy, atmospheric and melancholic you ought to check this one out. Anders Ekdahl

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