MOON “The Nine Gates”

”The Nine Gates”
This MOON is from Australia. Just the fact that they have to add AUS to their name tells us that there are a ton of other bands with the same name. So don’t get term confused or mixed up because you might very well end up being disappointed. I don’t know any other form of extreme metal where ambient fits as well as it does in black metal. Throw in some ambient and you got a really cool sounding album. I’ve enjoyed countless of these albums over the years and I don’t seem to get tired of them any time soon. MOON are a bit chaotic in sound but that just adds to that desolate feeling of being alone in the great Aussie wilderness. This is not your average easy listening black metal album. This one requires a bit of investment from your side to get into but if you like your black metal chaotic ambient then this will be yours. Anders Ekdahl

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