MOONBOW “The End Time”

“The End Of Time”
You don’t have to live in the Californian desert to play stoner rock, as we’ve seen evidence of countless of times over the years. That stoner rock still lives on when things like grunge or nu metal pretty much died by itself is just proof that great music will always live on. That the album starts on a banjo note just concretes the whole lazy stoner rock pathos that I like so much. I like old ZZ Top and this is to me what they would have sounded if they’d overdosed on stoner rock. This is what I want ZZ Top to sound like today. There is that lazy bluesy feel to this that is so darn hard to resist. This is music that I could listen to at all times of the day. This is perfect driving music for me. I could easily get into the groove driving non-stop Helsingborg – Stockholm just playing this album. Anders Ekdahl

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