MOONLIGHT “Lucifer’s Rising”

“Lucifer’s Rising”
MOONLIGHT sounds to me more like a goth metal band than anything else. I have a hard time connecting the name with extreme death metal or black metal. But apparently it isn’t impossible to play the harder kind of metal and still be called MOONLIGHT. It is so frustrating to know what a band’s sound reminds you of and not being able to put words to it. I know exactly what MOONLIGHT reminds me of but I just can’t get it off the tip of my tongue. In parts is does remind me of Dawn but that is not the whole truth. The closest I can come is to compare them to a cross between said Dawn and Satyricon but that only goes to describe the sound half way. No matter what it reminds me of this is some pretty cool black metal in the harder school. Not so much tall furs and snow clad mountains as dark cemetaries and murky graves. Anders Ekdahl

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