MOONLOOP ”Devocean”


Battle Helm Rating

With a name like MOONLOOP I at least expect this to be somewhat progressive. Maybe even a bit djent-ish. I do not expect this to be a straight A to B kinda history. All I can say for sure is that this is death metal. Well at least to my ears. That they have that djent twists and turns and that the tempo is slow doesn’t bother me that much. Not as much as it could have done. There is a drive to this that makes it flow really nicely. The progressive overtones make this a really cool album that is easy to listen to. And that to me is a very strong effort. No matter how tricky and smart an album is, if you can’t listen to it it is totally pointless. MOONLOOP makes me think of Death and Atheist and that alone is nice. Anders Ekdahl

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